Issue #7

'e' is for 'everything'

"Authentic existence is perhaps less about boldly confronting the inevitable reality of our own finitude than about recognizing and cultivating the multiple dimensions of our lives."

- Gabriel Rockhill, "Why we never die", The New York Times

It was a big week...

What if our creative minds could be leveraged to disrupt our biased minds? This week marked my release of "Design for Worldview," a year-long project I worked on with Amy Lazarus of Inclusion Ventures. The workshop is available for everyone to use, and I look forward to having it downloaded, run, iterated upon and further tested out in the world. The workshop unto itself is an invitation to think differently about how to teach human-centered design, raising awareness of unconscious bias while offering participants in a workshop agency to address their biases and work through them with others in a creative way. Design for Worldview was released along with two other pieces of curriculum I developed over the past year. They are both available here. I would very much appreciate your feedback as you go through them, use them and modify them to make an experience that works well for you.

What would you do if today was the last day at your current job? That was the second (and arguably bigger) question I was confronted with this week, as I experienced my last day as a senior media designer at the Stanford I am now "marginally funemployed". The next few weeks will be spent lifting my fledgling company off of the ground as well as writing, reading and testing new ideas and projects. is coming along, and I look forward to having more to report in the coming days. 

In the meantime, have a beautiful Labor Day Weekend, everyone. I, for one, will not be laboring ... much. 

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