Issue #8

'e' is for 'everything'

“How often do we allow the wounds and disappointments of history to define us and enable that diminution to persist in its wounding ways? How often have we failed to seize hold of our own destinies and thereby allow the fates to dictate once again? How often has our failure to show up in our lives revealed immaturity on our part, a failure to grow up, a collusion in victimhood?”

 - James Hollis, "Hauntings", via

Work on the little things...

This week was dedicated to the little things. 

The list of little things includes making a company logo (I have one, but I am not wed to it), getting my company e-mail address up and running (I'll release it with the website) while I carve away slowly at building the web site (working hard to subvert judgment on this one), navigating potential clients and meetings with friends (thanks goodness I have such smart friends and clients) and generally trying to figure out how to go it alone. I'll have more on this new work/life balance in a coming post. But, for now, the kid is alright. 

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