Issue #16

'e' is for 'everything'

"...when it comes to creating a more equitable world, each of us is the source of the problem and the solution."

 - Amy Lazarus & Emi Kolawole, "Design for Worldview" as delivered at TEDxDirigo

Sunday is not Friday, Emi.

I know, I know. Sunday is not Friday, but I have a very good reason for why this week's newsletter is arriving so late. No, my dog did not eat my Pocket reading list. I am currently in Portland, Maine at a lovely place called The Mercury Inn. If you are ever in Portland and find yourself looking for a place to stay, I highly suggest this amazing gem with the most lovely collection of furniture you will find just about anywhere. Each room is a unique and well-maintained spot with lovely lighting and warmth.

So, why am I in Portland, Maine? Well, thanks to Adam Burk of The Treehouse Institute, I got to give a talk at TEDxDirigo. Thanks to Amy Lazarus, CEO and Founder of Inclusion Ventures, I didn't have to stand on stage alone. All told, this was a remarkable weekend full of old friends and new ones, great ideas and beautiful walks through a truly lovely town.

Thanks to the amazing volunteers of the TEDxDirigo community and to Adam for the incredible invitation, the patience and the warm welcome.

Thanks to Amy for the remarkable teamwork, the time, the dedication and the sisterhood. I'm at that point now where I don't understand how there was life before we met.

Thanks go to my family and Amy's family for the unbelievable support.

Last, but certainly not least, thanks to my wonderful and caring partner Tim Courtney for being exactly what a panicking, adrenaline-rushed nervous wreck could ever want or need before and after stepping on stage in front of 500 or so people.

Today, I'm a few dollars lighter thanks to some great ramen, the Sock Shack and a few other lovely nooks around town. But I'm happy to have spent that money here and to give a little back to a community that offered so much support this weekend.

I'm also ready to dive into some good reading. So, let's do this thing (with a bonus story for being late)!

And, yes, the TEDx video will be hitting a tube of the Internet near you in good time!

P.S. It's Election Day on Tues., Nov. 8. The NPR Politics Podcast has been coming out with fresh goodies daily in the run-up to the election. Check it out. Sam Sanders & team make it worth your while. 

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