Issue #23

'e' is for 'everything'

The world is quieting down, and I will be alone for Christmas. That's, right, tout seul, folks.

Don't pull out the Pity Party party favors just yet. I am thrilled about this development. In all seriousness, I couldn't be more ecstatic to have this gift of free time. There is nothing more valuable than our time, and I am happy to share some of mine with myself.

There is the book I want to finally read and finish in a day, and another that comes highly recommended. There are the podcasts I want to listen and re-listen to about productivity, self-improvement, thinking from the perspective of legacy, the role of faith, the current state of our politics and stories of mettle and resilience. Those last two podcasts are a chance for me to "hang out" with my friends Sam and Glynn while they showcase their own excellence and build their legacy.

I will start in on building systems for my three big goals for Q1 of 2017 (I'm more of a quarterly goals person than an annual goals person, and here's why). These aren't just any goals, they are the ones that have dogged me for years. They are, in a very particular order:

1. Write a book draft (no matter how shoddy)
2. Learn Mandarin (use this method to nail the basics)
3. Start a public service project.

Now, there are plenty of other things I want to do too. I want to be a personal finance ninja, travel more, get that 365-day badge on Headspace, be a better friend and networker, be a better and more supportive partner, and be a cheerleader for others as they try to reach their own goals. I want to be able to read the newspaper in Spanish (I'm getting there), and I want to find that sweet spot for my habit stack.

So, this time off will be spent on a book proposal (If you have ideas about what I should write about, drop me a line), figuring out my Mandarin lesson plan (this has come highly recommended), sharpening the horns on my HabitBull, and coming up with a meal plan that will help me get through the cold winter months without putting on blubber. 

This is a weekend for the deep work that eludes me and so many of us. So, have a beautiful Christmas weekend, those of you who celebrate. Those of you who don't, I hope you, too, have some precious time for yourself and the work you've long wanted to do for you.

Recognizing design for social good: Impact Design Hub's 40 Under 40

This week also came with an unexpected surprise for which I am incredibly grateful. Thank you so much to the John Cary and the team at Impact Design Hub for naming me among their '40 Under 40'. The list is absolutely unbelievable, and I wouldn't be on it without the support of my incredible network of family and friends. The next year will certainly be dedicated to living up to this honor and doing more of the work that got me here and doing it even better. Take a moment to check out this list; it's incredible

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