Issue #31

'e' is for 'everything'

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

The weather is 69 degrees and sunny in Atlanta, Georgia. I just finished a two-day workshop with a team, and am grateful for the energy and intellect they brought to their work. Prior to that, I had a brief day-long stint in Northern California for a couple of meetings. So, including my flight changes, I will have been in four states and The District this week. It's a far cry from my sedentary life of the past few weeks in Washington, DC. 

The fact is, I love to travel. I enjoy witnessing people talk about and prioritize different things in different parts of the country. When they share their new perspective, it changes my perspective and outlook. Travel has always been one of my best teachers. 

The key to traveling well, however, is to take beauty with you. That means, for me, always checking in to see how I am feeling and why. Am I hungry? Am I tired? Am I anxious? (It's usually all three.) Then, I try to address each need when it arises. It gets me through the over two hours spent on the tarmac waiting for an engine to get fixed. It gets me through the unpacking process I know I should do before I collapse into a strange bed. It gets me through all of the difficult moments when a smile is needed but not readily available. It gets me to workout when it's still dark outside and every muscle is stiff and reluctant to move. 

Much is being said these days of how we need to venture outside of our filter bubbles and into parts of the nation (and the world) we've never seen. If this is something you're keen on doing, don't forget to bring beauty with you. I also recommend going someplace purposefully. Are you bringing new business with you? Are you planning to network people with resources? What are you bringing to the table in exchange for what you plan to take away? 

I ask these questions of you as much as I do of myself. Now, on to this week's five.

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