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A Return to the Road
This week sent me back to Georgia for the 13th Annual Gathering of Leaders. This year's gathering was held just outside of Atlanta, in the suburb of Braselton at Chateau Elan -- a luxury resort roughly an hour away from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. If you ever find yourself there, ask to stay at the Spa. Yes, the spa. There is an entirely separate bungalow that is home to a hotel and, well, a spa with massage, quiet room, hot tub, pool -- the works.

Spa aside, The Gathering of Leaders, hosted by New Profit, a non-profit venture philanthropy fund, brought together a fascinating mix of social entrepreneurs -- both established and aspiring. It also brought together some interesting ideas, some of which are captured in this week's readings.

Speakers included George Lakoff (author of "Don't Think of an Elephant!" and "The Political Mind", among others), Van Jones (now of MSNBC fame) and my particular favorite, writer, editor, activist and stylist Michaela Angela Davis.  Michaela absolutely dropped the mic, bringing some real talk about the power of language to the conference

The gathering addressed case studies in systems change, privilege, power and philanthropy. It was, all in all, an enlightening event. The organizers did a phenomenal job. Speaking of jobs, in the interest of full disclosure, I was invited as a speaker (and paid an honorarium) to present "Design for Worldview". Thanks again to Amy Lazarus for coming out there to host it with me. 

Alright, on to the reading...  
You can’t just think like a startup. (P.S. I noticed that systems thinking is a translation of design thinking for large-scale change. I love this. It hews to a critical point about design thinking: it's not about following a recipe; it's about making a process that works for you.) 

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