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How to catch a rocket with your teeth
If you’re wondering whether last week’s e-mail came out of the blue, it didn’t. It came out of a very particular sky with clouds, rain and sun. I was working through a rainbow of emotions, if you will.

Here's why: even as I love DC, I am leaving DC at the end of the month. My departure also marks the end of my “funemployment”. 

I had a good run. I launched my own company, worked with remarkable people (many of whom were friends and became friends), and I worked on projects that were fascinating and challenging. I satisfied a great deal of my curiosity. I did a TEDx talk, made business cards, launched a company website and entered my company in the SAM database. If you’re wondering what that is, I recommend giving it a look-see — especially if you’re interested in working on government contracts.  

Most importantly, I spent quality time with friends and family. I got to help nurse my Dad post-surgery. I lived 9a-to-9a, owning all of my time and granting it when I wanted to. It was a remarkable period to discover what I really (no, really) wanted to do.  

So, when a contact reached out to me over LinkedIn (that's a thing now, apparently), asking if I knew of anyone for an open position, I knew I was genuinely interested in learning more about it. Then, when we chatted about it, I was really sure I wanted to throw my hat in the ring. So, I did.  

It was a long shot — a moonshot, if you will. I honestly didn’t think I would get the job. Working at the company in question was something I joked about, not something I actually thought I might be able to do. I was a theatre and international relations major! Folks like me don't end up where this job would have me going.

So, I worked hard not to fall in love with the possibility of getting an offer. I had fun with the process. I played and treated it like recess.

Then, at some point during this recess period, I caught a rocket ship between my teeth.  

That’s not entirely an overstatement. 

I’ll be going to X, Alphabet’s Moonshot Factory. Yes, the Alphabet where ‘G' is for Google and ‘X' is for what’s next (fitting, when you consider Dexign LLC’s tagline). I’ll be doing a variety of things there. I don’t want to give specifics, because I still have a lot to learn about what my role could mean. I also want to do what I’ve been taught and keep a beginner’s mind about it all.  

Let's just say my new title, at least for now, is 'Noogler'.  
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So, this is something that may seem counterintuitive: "...U.S. manufacturing job openings are quickly outpacing the supply of qualified candidates, resulting in a growing gap in the industrial workforce. A 2015 Deloitte study estimates that there will be 3.5 million manufacturing jobs available over the next decade in the US, 2 million of which will go unfilled. This is a continuation of an existing trend."
The biggest threat facing middle-age men isn’t smoking or obesity. It’s loneliness. - The Boston Globe
If you're thinking, "I'm a dad, and I have kids and a partner and a family; this doesn't apply to me," ... think again. "When people with children become overscheduled, they don’t shortchange their children, they shortchange their friendships. 'And the public health dangers of that are incredibly clear,'...". 
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“It’s not a space elevator, I know,” he said. “But it’s something I’m really excited about.”
This one was interesting for reasons that are now obvious, but also this reference to Patton: “We’ve been taught that you’re either a General Patton and can inspire others or you’re not, but this is not true,” he says. “Inspirational leadership can be taught. Companies that recognize that and invest in making it happen create meaningful impact on the productivity of their company.”
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