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This week’s newsletter covers the two big topics: time and money. How do we choose to spend them? What do we choose to spend them on? Are we making the right decisions, and whether or not we are, how do we tell? This week’s reads explore everything from how a question has the power to get your friends and family to put their devices down and why silence is among the creative’s best friends. Then there’s whether we put our money (and our time) where our mouth is on diversity, equity and inclusion. Finally, there’s a visual breakdown of the vast pool of cognitive biases in to four main categories.  

This coming week, I’ll be organizing my move across the country. So, to my West Coast subscribers, “See you soon!" 
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This piece inspired me to dive into the comments section, and I'm glad I did. There was a moment there when I wasn't so tickled by my choice, but time and patience paid off. In the meantime, ask yourself and your organizations whether you're compensating the people who train you in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). If you're not, ask why, and whether you truly value the work that goes into making places more diverse, equitable and inclusive. If we don't value the work, that means we don't value the results. 
The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time

It’s essential for strategic thinking.

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This is a good one from Nir Eyal on how we can help our friends, family and co-workers stop that annoying, corrosive habit of pulling out their phones instead of being present with you in the moment. 
"In the last few years, and with greater intensity in the last 12 months, people started paying for online content. They are doing so at an accelerating pace, and on a dependable, recurring schedule, often through subscriptions. And they’re paying for everything." (Image)
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