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Fried eggs and bam!
A new job is a wonderful and slightly terrifying experience. It is just like the first day of school, except you’re part teacher and part student. You’re creating a first impression that will follow you for years, teaching others about who you are and how you work. You’re also learning volumes about who your teammates are, how they work and the idiosyncrasies of your new home away from home.  

In the end, it is one of my favorite moments in life, because it is a unique exercise of the mind and body. The first day is a sprint, the first week a 5k and the first month a marathon. You’re working on all fronts. There’s the processing of new information quickly, the establishment of a daily routine (to the extent you can) all while maintaining balance and positive habits from the past. If you’re changing timezones, then there’s the challenge of adjusting for your jet lag. 

A new job is a risk and an opportunity. It opens the door to the strong and indiscriminate force of change. It also turns your brain into a fried egg by the end of the week. So, this newsletter is late, and a bit short. But it’s here before midnight … Pacific time, at least.  

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone. 


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