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The last Friday...
If you haven’t seen the trailer for 'The Last Jedi', go watch it. I’ll wait.  

I knooooooowwwwww!!!! 

It’s so good. So. Good. And, yeah, that screenshot of Rey above is me after the end of my second week on the job. Every new job is a new world with a new ecosystem and environment. You've gotta' learn to breathe and operate differently. The learning curve can be intense, but I've never regretted taking the plunge. The secret to success can be summed up in two words:

Just. Breathe.  

Speaking of work, this week’s selection is all about it. There’s the odd finding that a manager’s integrity can have negative consequences in the form of their employees exhibiting less integrity. Then there’s a look at innovation spaces and the basics of visual design. A few helpful hints on staying present through hard times and another on how to stay calm and de-stress round out the pack.  

The past few days have been a blur here in California. I’m living in the Peninsula with no car, no bike and empty weekends. I miss having a city outside my front door. The vibrance and intrigue of Washington still call to me. That being said, the California sun is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever known. So, there’s nothing about which to complain.  

Besides, if I miss DC, I can always just build my NPR LEGO set. Oh, wait, it needs to get made first. So, help a homesick woman out and vote to get NPR in LEGO.  

There is one thing, however, that will have to change now that I am out West. I am moving the newsletter to Saturdays. Somewhere between ending a full day at the office and post-dinner food coma, inspiration is a tough butterfly to catch. So, I’m going to use my morning Saturday coffee to put the newsletter together with all caffeinated cylinders firing. 

In the meantime, have a beautiful weekend, and don't forget to vote.  
Innovation spaces: The new design of work
Innovation spaces—buildings and interiors used in the innovation economy—are growing significantly in cities and suburbs across the globe. Not only are these spaces proliferating, they are also changing to reflect the evolving collaborative, cross-sector, and high-tech nature of innovation.

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Another reason why team conformity is dangerous.

The Science and Practice of Staying Present Through Difficult Times
Research suggests that we turn towards pain and discomfort, we can experience less of it. Plus — a guided meditation for being mindful when things get tough.

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Dr Travis Bradberry looks at some of the reseach behind stress, and how you can keep it under control. 

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