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10 Carrots of Gold (I hope)
This past Friday, I gave a talk about how I apply design thinking to my everyday life. The talk was a series of 10 points, which were taken from the 100 points I wrote down immediately after leaving the in an attempt to capture what I had learned before the lessons faded.  

Going back through the list of 100 points to choose the 10 was one of the most constructive moments of the past week. I am not a fan of looking back, but sometimes it's the best way to mine the gold of your life experience. Each point reminded me of not only what I had learned, but how I had changed.  

So, what were the ten points? Well, here they are:  

  1. No one is in charge. (You are.) 
  2. Pain is a tool we can use to make joy. 
  3. It’s not about you. (It’s about others.) 
  4. Walk in like Beyonce. (It’s easier than she lets on.)
  5. Make your manifesto. 
  6. Forget passion. Find purpose. 
  7. Form diverse and inclusive teams. 
  8. Change your frame. 
  9. Make your own design process. 
  10. Forgive yourself. 
I hope they prove helpful as you navigate the next week! On to the reading!

(Oh, and no one had any vacation ideas. #Sadness)

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Flexible working is making us work longer
"Contrary to what you might expect, those with more control over their work schedule work more than those with less control. In fact, people have a tendency to work more overtime hours once they are allowed to work flexibly, compared to when they were not."
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(It’s Great to) Suck at Something
"The notion of sucking at something flies in the face of the overhyped notion of perfectionism. The lie of perfectionism goes something like this: “If I fail, it’s only because I seek perfection.” Or “I can never finish anything because I’m a perfectionist.” Since the perfectionist will settle for nothing less, she is left with nothing."
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How to make and keep friends as an adult
From the awesome Lisa Bonos: "There’s one thing that’s different about making friends after you graduate from college and move to a new city: You’re no longer surrounded by people your own age, experiencing all the same things at about the same time. But there are ways to make and keep friends in your 20s."
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Research: Immigrants Played an Outsize Role in America’s Age of Innovation
"...the role of immigrants in U.S. competitiveness has become increasingly contentious, especially in light of the recent presidential election. Our research attempts to shed light on this debate, by focusing on the history of immigrants as technological innovators."
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