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Remember how I said I would send the newsletter on Saturday? Well, I am ... technically. It's approaching midnight on the East Coast, but it's still relatively early in the night out West. So, to my East Coast readers, I hope this is a nice companion to your Sunday reading.

This week's selection of reading features some of my favorite things: friends, big thoughts about how we think and learn, our relationship with technology, the growing economic gap and the power of swearing. It appears, swearing may make us stronger.  So, it may help to drop the f-bomb in your next spin class.

In the meantime, if you have some fun reading, send it along! Also, check out what my friend Sam Sanders is doing over on NPR One. He brought on Katie Rogers of The New York Times, who wrote this incredible piece on Judy Woodruff and The PBS NewsHour, which is very close to my old home at Washington Week over at WETA in Virginia. She tackles a news story about news gracefully and insightfully. This is a beautiful marriage of talent and great story. Brava, Katie. 

Sam and Katie are reporters' reporters. You know people where you wake up one morning and you go: "Wait a minute, my friends are famous"?! Yeah, I say that a lot when I wake up in the morning. 

Keep crushing it, people -- all of you. I'm a proud and happy fan and honored to be in your inbox. 

P.S. You want to hear Sam talk about Fyre Festival. Seriously, you do. 
Sam Sanders has your weekly wrap. Obviously.
Sam brings The Amazing Katie Rogers of The New York Times (she's really amazing) on with Stephen Thompson of NPR. Listen to this. It has the disco Star Wars theme. It has a Fyre Festival recap. It has Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol. 2 review. It has Sam Sanders. 'Nuf said. 
Judy Woodruff, the Woman of the Hour
"In a media landscape dominated more than ever by the pursuit of clicks and ratings, the thought of an hourlong newscast, untethered to the trends of the moment, seems almost radical. Ms. Woodruff thinks that viewers may be seeking out a more immersive broadcast." (Thanks, Katie, for our bonus sixth piece of the week.)
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The Phones We Love Too Much
Conversations are better when you're not on your phone. So, go rekindle your relationships with the people you care about (even with yourself), and fall out of love with your phone. I'm going to do my best to do the same. 
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Inequality and the Fracturing of American Democracy
"Some critical assets are in limited supply and out of reach. The first of these assets is a simple but critical one: marriage partners. In our Darwinian world, there is intense competition to find the best biological mate, and financial resources are a key means of winning that competition. If we increase the spending power of higher earners and their children, this diminishes the ability of those with less wealth to secure the most desirable marriage partners." Yes. This is the NRO. 
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Our world outsmarts us
"Whether contemplating the pros and cons of climate change; the role of evolution; the risks versus benefits of vaccines, cancer screening, proper nutrition, genetic engineering; trickle-down versus bottom-up economic policies; or how to improve local traffic, we must be comfortable with a variety of statistical and scientific methodologies, complex risk-reward and probability calculations – not to mention an intuitive grasp of the difference between fact, theory and opinion."
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