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My father taught me the depth and significance of the word "hate", and, with age, I've come to more deeply understand its meaning. Hate is reserved for very few things. There is one thing, above all others, I truly hate, though. I hate fear. 

Fear rests behind discrimination, inequality, violence and so many other deplorable behaviors and aspects of society. The worst, however, is that fear is the enemy of dreams. It devours them whole. 

If I am honest with myself, every time I fell short of what I sought to achieve, fear was hiding somewhere in the shadows. Whether it was fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of judgment, fear of loss or even fear of winning -- fear was always there. 

Sometimes, I wonder how many things I might have learned if I hadn't given in to fear. How many people might I have met, if I didn't fear embarrassment? How many relationships might I have formed, if I didn't fear a broken heart? 

There is no "reset" button on life. If there were, I would stitch the wires so that, in addition to resetting the clock, the button would also eliminate fear. 

Now, don't get me wrong. Fear of consequence stands between the vast majority of us and really bad behavior. So, I should be specific: I hate a certain brand of fear. It's the fear that stands between us and things we want and have every right to go about the effort of getting. 

So, if you're afraid, remember that your fear feeds on your dreams. Turn it around. Let your dreams devour the energy of your fear.  

Alright, now, on to the five!
"Considering that there are more than 124 million single Americans, by choice or chance—outnumbering those who have tied the knot—it no longer makes sense to have the government reward people for their romantic decisions."
"When you unfocus, you engage a brain circuit called the “default mode network.” Abbreviated as the DMN, we used to think of this circuit as the Do Mostly Nothing circuit because it only came on when you stopped focusing effortfully. Yet, when “at rest”, this circuit uses 20% of the body’s energy (compared to the comparatively small 5% that any effort will require)."
"It’s rare that contemporary discussions of cognitive biases flow directly into conversations on ethics, pleasure and pain, and the best way to live one’s life. But ancient philosophy did not compartmentalise what are now cloistered academic fields."
"Maybe that will be Trump’s legacy: we’ll improve our English."
"Although some people may appear more playful than others, researchers say that we are all wired by evolution to play."
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