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The Muse walked out on me today -- a year after starting the newsletter. 

We’re still cool. We’re just on a break. 

She claims I haven’t been good to her. Meanwhile, I know she’s been holding out on me over the past few months. She most definitely had more to offer than she’s been giving, and I called her on it.  

So, she walked. I asked if she was coming back. She waved her hand over head in that 'Bye, Felicia' way she does and said, “We'll see.”  

This means, I started this week’s newsletter without a fragment of an idea of what to write about. My brain was completely empty — a room without a single light on. I grabbed some breakfast at the local joint, read some news, biked home, picked up a book and spent about four hours glued to the couch with nothing but a few flipped pages and a nap to show for it.  

Still, nada.  

That’s when I decided to cheat on The Muse. I walked over to my laptop, still not having the foggiest idea what I would write about, and I popped the following into my friendly neighborhood search engine:  

"How to find the inspiration to write” 

There, it was done. I knew that, if my dalliance with the Web didn’t tick her off, nothing would get her to see the error of her ways and come back home.  

That’s right, lady, get on over here or I’ll walk off with my search query!

Who needs a stuffy old Muse when I have the Internet? I don’t need you to inspire me to go for a walk or get lost in conversations with people or listen to music or any of the 31, 50 or 20 ways you’d otherwise help me find the seed of an idea. 

See, I have the internet now, and we’re going to be just … wait a minute … 

Oh, you’re back.  


Yeah, we need to talk.  

‘Scuse us, everybody.  Here's your five...
Cheryl Strayed on the true power of two words (and on writing in general). 
"Their friend and colleague was dead, and yet they couldn’t stop working long enough to listen to what was being said about him."
"My lab recently conducted a series of experiments to test what 'leisure first' really feels like — and we found that it’s not nearly as worrisome as it seems."

Stop. We needed a lab to test this!? Apparently.
Focus on the future. Stress is inevitable. Look out for number one. 

Yeah, stop telling anyone, including your kids and yourself, any of these things. 
"In journalism, as with design, bias can influence the integrity of a story or the efficacy of a solution. " Where Amy Lazarus points me to the marriage I wanted to see so long ago. Go forth and make change, folks. 
Thank you for a great year...
It has been a year since I started 'E is for Everything'. A lot has changed in my life from the time I started until now. One could say I got knocked down. But, as the saying goes, it's not about getting knocked down. It's about getting back up. So, I'm slowly getting back up on my feet, and finally took my first payout from Patreon.

I wanted to wait until I had enough to really start making some changes -- design and otherwise -- with the newsletter. Now, I do. So, keep an eye out in the coming editions. In the meantime, thank you, as always to my two largest supporters: Natalya Pemberton & Tim Karu
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Better late than never.
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