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I’ve got a super short one for you this week. It’s not a time to read what someone else is writing. Instead, this is a time to… 

…write, if you’ve always wanted to write.  
…draw, if you’ve always wanted to draw. 
…hug someone you haven’t hugged in a while.  
…cook, if you’ve always wanted to try cooking (especially something new) 
…do whatever it is you don’t make time for in your day-to-day living. (‘Nothing' is a totally valid option.) 

Enjoy the free time you have (and if you don’t have it now, I sincerely hope you will soon) and make the most of it. In the meantime, here’s the five:  

  1. Racism is making us sick (The New York Times): If you don’t subscribe to Andre Blackman’s Onboard Health newsletter, you should. It is so well designed and curated, and it's full of great resources on issues worth caring about and paying attention to. This is a piece he sent to his subscribers over the weekend. 'Super grateful for Andre and the amazing resource he's creating.
  2. RIP, MBA: The MBA is apparently dead — or at least dying. Sky-high tuition costs and a dubious post-graduation future for many young grads are pushing prospective students to ask whether it’s worth the cost. 
  3. Coming to terms with intangible design: I generally shy away from the more academic debates around design. I’m more of the (quite literal) school that teaches, “stop talking about it and just make something already.” But much of the design work I do is increasingly not tangible. It’s a mindful choice here or an understanding of a dynamic over there. It’s carefully weaving a show-don’t-tell tapestry that proves the value of creative confidence over the diagnosing of “creative people” vs. “non-creative people”. There comes a point where, at least in my experience, design principles automatically govern what you do. The mindsets just feel right, and you have words to identify the particular currents in a room. In other words, design stops being a linear process and becomes much more fluid and flexible:

    "Designers, mostly under the influence of clients, like to think that they move linearly from problem to solution—that we spend time doing research to understand a problem space and then move to ideation in order to solve that problem. What I call the problem-solution paradox states that we cannot design solutions until we understand a problem space (this is the linear view), but it is also true that we cannot understand problems before conceiving potential solutions."

  4. Caveat emptor: The sharing economy: I have long had my doubts about the sharing economy. Since when did ownership (one of the key paths to wealth, particularly as it relates to property) become evil? The fact of the matter is legal, ethical ownership -- particularly home ownership -- isn’t evil and neither is sharing. But we’re on a path where, particularly members of the younger generation, are being told by their often wealthier peers that sharing, renting and never owning is cool, even as they themselves own whole companies, not to mention homes, art and other wealth-building vehicles. This story focuses on the darker side of the sharing economy in China, but I’ve found it useful to examine where the sharing economy serves you and where it doesn’t. 

I hope you had a happy 🦃 Day, everyone! 

Thank you, as always to my two largest supporters: Natalya Pemberton & Tim Karu!

Natalya is a culture and design enthusiast learning Sustainable Systems at the innovative Presidio Graduate School.

Tim runs the Mercury Inn in Portland, Maine.

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