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Resolutions grow on the forest floor of a new year, the way mushrooms and moss do. They’re eventually overshadowed by the trees of your short-term goals and needs, but your resolutions are always there in some form or another. They spread nutrients throughout the rest of our forest. The closer we hew to them and the more effort we put into realizing them, the better we are able to nourish the rest of the year’s forest. The further we get away from them, the less healthy our forest becomes.  

It all goes back to what I was rolling around with last week: intention. Setting intentions, as I mentioned, does not come easily to me, but that doesn’t make them any less important. This year, I didn’t tend to the mushrooms and moss of my forest as well as I would have liked to. Given some unexpected changes, I tended more to my short-term needs. Here, for example, were my resolutions/goals/mushrooms/moss for 2017 by category:   

Work: Write a book. 
Health: Start to learn a martial art. Kung Fu, Judo or Aikido. 
Learning: Master the basics of Mandarin. 
Relationships: Create & use a modern language for female goal-setting that exists outside of the male paradigm. 
Finances: Create an easy-to-use system to manage my finances, get a hold on the numbers and then use that system on a daily basis. 

Hmm. Well, the book is still in the works. I didn’t get to a martial art this year. I actually did get to learn a bit of Mandarin, though I have a long way to go and much reviewing to do. The relationships category goal is a bit odd. At the time, if I remember correctly, I was frustrated with the cottage industry of self-improvement writing on Medium where a community of largely white men were declaring how one should set and reach personal and professional goals. The frameworks are overly limited due to a lack of diverse inputs. So, I was hungry for a new, more fitting set of approaches informed by a healthier set of assumptions.  

Moving on … I was able to establish a system of organizing my finances across two apps, Mint and ClarityMoney, which have been very helpful in allowing me to keep track of my finances.  

So, going into 2018, here are the seeds of my mushrooms and moss going into 2018 

Work: Write a book 
Health: Develop a hobby 
Learning: Learn finance & accounting 
Relationships: Make ten, new, meaningful connections outside of work 
Finances: Save enough for a downpayment on a new home 

I’ll also add one more:  

“Grasp hungrily for knowledge." 

I don’t read nearly enough about what’s going on around me, nor do I leverage the internet as well as I could or should. I tend to go with the flow rather than deliberately dive into an experience or really enjoy the rabbit holes scattered across the web like holes in Ementaler. No more of that… 

So, there they are. I look forward to having you quietly hold me accountable as I tend to these mushrooms and moss patches. If you’d like an accountabili-buddy for yours, feel free to drop me a line. In the meantime, have a great end to the old year and a beautiful start to the new one.  

I’m going to take next weekend off, since I think you’ll probably be taking a break too (at least I hope you will). I am going to hunker down and continue mapping out my book and spending time with people I really care about. See you in 2018. 

Here are the five:  

"I don’t want thighs like fire hydrants, nor a professional wrestling title. I’m not seeking a movie role or higher office. I’d just like to stop feeling like I’m getting my ass kicked every day by the details of a basic life. In Rock terms, this has to be within the range of achievable goals.” - I let Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson run my life for a week (Quartz) 

"As folks are less and less interested in inheriting furniture and other cumbersomeheirlooms, living your life with only the essentials and saving your relatives the hassle of throwing away all your tapes and old wrapping paper, does seem to make sense. You get to live your best, most organized life and your family will remember you as the thoughtful and efficient person you are.” - Swedish Death Cleaning is the Most 2017 Trend of the 2017 Trends (Apartment Therapy) 

"We’re going to have to make difficult choices between, say, saving Social Security and Medicare and saving arctic ice sheets. We'll have fewer and fewer resources to deal with these issues. And I actually think that over the next 100 years, absent some major technological innovation like de-carbonization, which is speculative at this point, these actions will actually just kill people.” - How the baby boomers — not millennials — screwed America (Vox) 

"Some people think they need to pay a fortune to a university for a great education. But the top schools have all their courses online for free. And this isn’t just about locations. Some people think they need expensive equipment to start a new hobby, certain clothes to look the part, or for everything to be just right. But resourceful people know they don’t.”- Unlikely places and untangled goals (Sivers.org) 

Oh, and a reminder that, however much I am reading, it could still stand to be more. (Inc.) 
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