"Monday, Monday...
“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson 
The five:
  1. This is how you beat FOBO💰, and this is why wellness worshipers are praising a false idol.💰  
  2. Thirty years ago, we could have stopped climate change … but we didn’t💰. That’s the pits, and this is The Pit. Meanwhile, “even though urban areas make up just 3.6 percent of the total size of the 48 contiguous states, four in five Americans live, work and play there.” Also, a comma can cost millions
  3. That’s not just any pizza. That’s my lifestyle. Speaking of lifestyle, if you’re having trouble making friends, here’s how to do it according to science. If you think of yourself as the main character in your own reality show, you’re missing out … really missing out. Besides, the mind has no depths, according to Nick Chater, a British behavioral scientist. But this is how to fail at everything and really win big. And this is how not to win big at McDonald’s Monopoly game. Speaking of companies, have you ever hard of Hammacher Schlemmer? Neither had I. 
  4. This is what marriage class was like in Guantanamo, and this is the story of a crane that fell in love with a human.  
  5. We don’t talk about abortion stories, but we should, and a group of women did and published their stories.  This is the "biggest lie" we’re teaching in American history classes. Also, I wonder how we’re doing when it comes to teaching about how the suffrage movement betrayed black women💰

💰 = Paywall, though please do consider paying to read what people write. Writers like to eat too. (Apologies if I miss one…) 

How to get it all done 💪
Saturday is my day on. The list of things to do barely fits into the one, precious day. There’s yoga class, laundry, course work, and the newsletter. When that’s all done, and if I have time, I dive back into classwork, reviewing what I learned that week, studying what I got wrong on quizzes and tests. If there isn’t enough time (usually because the washers and dryers are being used or I need to get quarters), I grab dinner and sit down and watch a movie.  

The day is packed with tasks and chores, all of which need to happen in a particular order so I can keep my momentum. I also pair activities.  

Breakfast + Reading 
Studying + sitting outside 
Laundry + Podcasts  
Dinner + Movie 

Saturday is the day I turn all of my productivity hacks on overdrive and aim them squarely at myself and my wants and needs, making it easily my favorite day of the week. Are my tasks particularly sexy or game-changing? No. But they make me feel great when they're done. The routine is so deeply engrained now, I couldn’t imagine the day going another (or better) way.  

So, what does this have to do with getting it all done? Well, the only way I’ve found to get everything doneis to not do everything. I don’t attend social events or go on long bike rides or stare at the ceiling (which I try to do on Sunday). I don’t sit and read long books, since I need to save my reading time for class and the newsletter.  

The key to getting it all done, is defining clearly what “all” is and agreeing with yourself on the definition. I’ve found it important to keep “all” to a specific set of things — just enough that I feel stretched, but not so much that it’s impossible. Then, when I am done, I can bask in the glow of having done what I set out to do, rather than disappointed in the things I didn’t get to because I set unrealistic goals. 

Prior to finding this routine, I used to fritter away my weekends, thinking that weekends are for doing nothing, and that if I was at all productive, I was wasting my time. So, I would go out in the morning, grab a bunch of food and park in front of my movie streaming app of choice and binge watch everything. Then, I would go out, get takeout for dinner, come back and continue to watch everything. Then, Sunday would arrive, and I’d slog through my laundry, check some work emails before Monday and give the couch the last remaining hours of my attention before trundling off to bed, nursing a horrible case of the Mondays.  

Then, I had a brief phase where I would try to do everything over the weekend. But I would work on other people’s work instead of my own. I mistakenly thought that, if I worked on the weekend, I’d get ahead of everyone else and move faster towards a promotion, a bigger salary, bonuses and accolades, while still having easier weekdays. I quickly realized this plan was the equivalent of chasing a narwal strapped to a unicorn while both of my feet were trapped in a potato sac.  

The fact is, your to-do list will never go away at your day job. Think about it, if you had nothing to do, your employer would stop paying you. The key is to do work that enriches you, and then, use what you learn about what you do for yourself and how you do it and apply it to your weekday work. When you work for you on your time and, in that time, make time to relax and find a pace that makes you happy, it makes it a lot easier to find that sweet spot during the week.  

Now, I reach Monday feeling refreshed, buoyed by all of the work I did for myself over the weekend — the learning, the writing, and even the podcasts (which mask the chore of the laundry) — and intrigued about what Monday may have in store. 

* - This week's quote comes via this post on Medium about working for yourself.
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